Flight (2006)
digital video with Beth R. Mosenthal

Study of the landscape is too often confined to static media of painting and photography, a practice which creates the mistaken illusion that landscape itself is a static condition in which a more dynamic architecture may be made. Exemplary of this dynamism is Brighton Beach in the borough of Brooklyn. As the Little Moscow neighborhood takes tighter hold over the area, traces of the past cultures are more completely erased from the streets. Those that remember the neighborhood before the influx of Russian immigrants are growing older and less active in shaping the landscape they inhabit. This video foregrounds the increasing discrepancy between contemporary landscape condition and Coney Island-era memories by constructing an image of both the landscape of today and a hint of the landscape that may be known though the stories of older residents.

Flight was selected as the best student film in the Landscape in Film competition led by Professor Martin Hogue at Syracuse Architecture.